“It has been observed that a devotee when he first enters into the fold of Shri Sai Baba’s divine and magnanimous personality gets attracted to him in a very short time which ordinary human reasoning can not explain. When Baba was there in Shirdi many of the devotees used to go into a spiritual trance or sort of emotional hype at the very look at Baba. Such examples find a depiction in Shri Sai Satcharita and many other books like Khaparde’s diary etc. Such was the attraction of the master that when a non believer like Balasaheb Bhate met Baba for the first time he just decided to stay back and settle down in Shirdi forever and later resigned from the government service only to serve Baba for the rest of his life.”

– Guruji Dr. C B Satpathy

Global Odisha Conference

Please find the attached flyer for Global Odisha Conference event which will be inaugurated by Guruji Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathy Ji on July 1st in Washington DC, USA. He will be the Chief Guest for the two day event (July 1st and 2nd). Details of event are in the flyer. In addition, Guruji will also be visiting a Sai temple in DC and address devotees in the evening of July 2nd. Details of the temple event will be published soon.

Details regarding the event, visit: www.