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Sai American Foundation (SAF) was registered as a non profit organization in the state of Texas, USA on 1st of August 2014, with an objective to spread Shirdi Sai philosophy (SAISM) across US and other parts of the globe. For Further Information, please visit:

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Baba in his own words


“Any one of you, wherever you are, whenever you come to me, with your hand outstretched, with devotion, I am there to respond to your faith, day and night.” (Ch. 15)

“You may go anywhere on the face of this earth, I am always with you. I reside in your heart and I am within you. You should always bow down to that ME who thus resides in your heart. I am also the same ME who resides in the hearts of all beings. Therefore, whomsoever you come across, at home, outside or anywhere in the course of life, I am within them and I am myself present in them.” (Ch. 15)

“ To show you Brahman, where you are sitting, I have tried certain means so far. Did you not follow anything? For the sake of Brahman, the five pranas, the five senses of action and perception, ego, intellect and mind have to be surrendered.” (Ch. 16)

“The path of knowledge of Brahman is difficult. It is not easy to follow for all and sundry. When the time is ripe, it appears before that fortunate person, all of a sudden. That person who is detached from all worldly attachments upto the stage of attaining the feet of Brahmadev, he alone is qualified for the knowledge of Brahman. He has no attachment for anything else.” (Ch. 16)

“It is only through diligence and practice, when even your bones seem ready to disintegrate, that the Guru’s grace descends and enlightenment dawns slowly.” (Ch. 16)

“I am God. I am the Controller. When such ego takes hold of Brahmadev, he tends to forget his Real Self as the Supreme Spirit, then the universe is created. ‘I am that Brahman’. When this is realised, then he who has realised it surrenders to the Supreme Self; and, for him, the illusion of the existence of the universe disappears. This is proclaimed by the Shrutis.” (Ch. 16)

“ You share the food with whosoever is near you. But what do you do, when you are alone? What can I also do? Do you remember me? Am I not beside you? Do you offer me a morsel? ”(Ch. 24)

– Shri Sai Satcharita

Omniscient Baba


By: W.PRADHAN, B.A.,L.L.B, High Court Pleader & J.P., SantaCru, Mumbai. (1936)

Baba kept his Promise

I visited Shirdi in 1910. Once, when I went to see baba, he was giving udhi to a number of devotees crowding round him. He caught sight of me as I stood at a distance, beckoned to me to draw near, addressed me as Bhavu (as he did ever afterwards) and said “It will be alright in 2 or 4 days”. Then he gave me udhi and I left the mosque.

I thought I would return by the next day. But when leave was asked, Baba declined it in his characteristic fashion by saying, “Go tomorrow”. He did so on succeeding days and kept me there for eight days. I was arranging for a special dinner or Biksha to Baba the next day and requested him to inform me who were to be invited and what the menu was to be. Of course, Puranpoli was to be the crown of the dinner and for guests, He said I was to invite Babu (the nephew of Dada Kelkar), who was Baba’s favorite and Baba. He said “I also will come” before I invited Him.

The next day, the dinner was prepared as directed and plates were served. Babu was invited and sat at one plate. Another was served and set apart for Baba. A crow came and lifted a puranpoli off the plate and carried it away. All hailed it with delight as evidence that Baba was going in the form to take away His own.That afternoon, Baba touched His limbs on one side and said. “On this side of my body, there is excruciating pain”. But He added “It will be alright in 2 or 4 days”. Baba really appeared healthy, in spite of those words and what He meant to convey by His words escaped our powers of under standing at that time.

Omniscient Baba

On a Thursday, during that period Baba was preparing food in “Handi” (i.e., pot) to feed large numbers. He drove away every one from the Masjid and was alone with his handi. At that time, to the great surprise and alarm of the spectators, myself and the two sons of Nana Saheb Chandorkar went in. Baba, far from being angry, received us very well, as though he had intended the expulsion of others for the very purpose of granting us a wholly private interview. Then after a little while Baba appeared to be singing out something. At least I thought it to be so. But I found that when he repeated the words for the third time, they were ‘Kayare apala kayahumanave sri rama jayaram jaya jaya ram’. 

At once, on hearing these words I was overcome with emotion and I placed my head on Baba’s feet and tears flowed freely. These words were the guru mantra that I had received from my family guru Haribua (whose grandfather was Atmaram Bua who has a temple built for his worship Thakurdwar Bombay, was the guru of my great grandfather). Baba was so kindly reviving my interest in and regard for that guru mantra in this fashion for my benefit. Baba was attending to my spiritual benefit with out any question from me and his loving interest in me was too deep for me to return and too great to acknowledge except through tears of gratitude and joy.